The Kamnik-Savinja Alps region offers many opportunities for road and mountain biking, which is most relished by well-trained cyclists, thanks to its dynamic terrain. Most popular among road bikers is certainly the picturesque Alpe Marathon Trail. This 130-kilometer route runs over three Alpine passes, the Jezersko Pass, Pavlič Pass and Črnivec, totaling 2,000 meters of elevation gain. This dynamic landscape will also delight mountain bikers with its scenic routes and dirt roads.

Alpe Marathon

Alpe Marathon Trail is said to be one of the most difficult, yet one of the most beautiful bike trails in Slovenia. The race has taken place annually since 2007, every first Sunday in July. The 130-kilometer trail, stretching over three mountain passes and covering 2,000 meters in elevation gain, is a singular challenge for every recreational cyclist. The best among them takes a good 3.5 hours to complete it. This scenic marathon was won by Primož Roglič (2012) and Luka Mezgec (2009) prior to their professional careers. Over recent years, a new category that allows the use of electric bikes has been added for all who could use a helping hand.


Boutique Self Guided Cycling Holidays

For those who like to explore at their own pace, we offer a self-guided bike holiday. In 8 days, you will ride the Alpe Marathon Trail around the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and visit Bled and Ljubljana. Don’t miss out on the exceptional views over the Slovenian Alps, pleasant housing for the night and delicious Slovenian cuisine. This holiday is suitable for even less-trained cyclists who will be offered organized transport in the more demanding sections.

MTB Krvavec

Bike park Krvavec

Bikers in search of adventure will find their paradise in Bike Park Krvavec, which boasts 6 marked mountain bike trails starring the biggest descent in all of Slovenia. In 2021, Bike Park Krvavec was recognized as one of the 21 leading bike parks in Europe. It offers trails for all bikers, regardless of their skills. As of 2018, it has also featured a nearly 10-kilometer descent to the base cable car station.

Vzpon na Krvavec

Climb to Krvavec

Another distinctive bike race in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps is the climb to Kravec. A good 11-kilometer ascent, with 960 meters in elevation gain (it starts at 460 m and finishes at 142 m above sea level), has an average 8% gradient which, in the steepest sections, will spike to 17%. The record for the trail is held by Tadej Pogačar at 33:51 minutes (as seen on the Strava smart phone app), but in the 2020 National Road Cycling Championship Primož Roglič got the best of him on the last ascent to the finish line at Ambrož under Krvavec.