The Kamnik-Savinja Alps are the most popular takeoff for paragliders, due to easy and quick access, breathtaking views and by far the best thermals, far and wide. Paragliders from Slovenia and abroad can enjoy long panoramic flights here but flying in tandem is also possible, thanks to the excellent paragliding conditions.


Preddvor is one of the top paragliding destinations around the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. It is a point of departure for takeoffs from Potoška Gora (1,283 m) and Zavetišče in Hudičev Boršt on Zaplata (1,328 m). Storžič takeoff (2,132 m) is the highest and most demanding, while St. Lovrenc above Bašelj (892 m) is the most easily accessible of all. The official landing field lies on the western side of Lake Črnava. Other destinations worth a mention are Krvavec, Velika Planina and Kamniški Vrh.