Fly into the sky above the Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Located in northern Slovenia, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps range are a true paradise for all who love to explore and experience the Alpine landscape. To see its beauty from above, you can take to the air from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, the biggest Slovenian airport, lying only a stone’s throw from the capital.


The Kamnik-Savinja Alps sport a rich offering of adventures and corners yet to be discovered, which will make you want to stay longer. Plan your holiday and choose the accommodation best suited to your taste, from a rich array of possibilities. Take your time to explore this natural gem and have the time of your life.

Experience true harmony between man and nature

The Kamnik-Savinja Alps are home to the only Slovenian municipalities that are members of the international network of Mountaineering Villages. Welcome to Luče and Jezersko.


Explore the land at the foot of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, home to welcoming and kind people . Visit Kamnik, one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Slovenia, and Cerklje na Gorenjskem, the nearest Alpine town for visitors arriving at Ljubljana Airport. Venture into the green glacial Jezersko Valley and treat yourself to the tastiest water in Preddvor. Experience the beauty of the three Solčava valleys and revel in the adrenaline adventures offered by the upper part of the Savinja River in Luče.

The Kamnik-Savinja Alps are Beautiful in any Season

Mighty peaks, enchanting valleys, playful streams, and kind people. Visit one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Slovenia, the Logar Valley, also known as a landscape park. In summer, take the cable car to Velika Planina and walk to the largest shepherds’ settlement in Europe. In winter, brave the slopes of Krvavec, the best Slovenian ski resort.


In the cozy embrace of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, you can find an array of interesting activities. The dynamic landscape invites casual strolls across meadows and through forests. Well-marked and maintained mountain trails guide you past alpine lodges. If you are interested in biking, you can take to remote mountain roads, dirt trails, gentles rides in the valley or you can brave mountain passes. Winter activities include sledding or skiing down snowy winter slopes or sliding cross-country over white plains.

Water is Our Greatest Gift

The Kamnik-Savinja Alps are rich in water sources which you can explore within the network of water trails. Find your spot to cool down at Lake Črnava in Preddvor, Lake Planšar in Jezersko or along the Savinja River in Luče.


Enjoy the culinary delights of our ancestors. Shepherd dishes are ubiquitous in the Alpine world, with subtle differences from region to region. Among them are masunjek served with sour milk, stew with buckwheat spoonbread, dumplings, roasted lamb, a variety of cheeses and cheese spreads, as well as cured meats.