Hiking maintains the sustainable lifestyle of the locals who are happy to share it with all friendly travelers. There’s an elaborate network of marked mountain trails leading to the most beautiful corners of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Uncover their countless stories on thematic paths, take well-maintained mountain trails to the highest peaks or embark on a multi-day mountain adventure with a guide.


Water is our greatest gift. You can refresh and recharge at numerous springs comprising a network of water paths that loop around the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. On a nearly 100-kilometer trail you will rack up 5,000 meters of elevation gain (ascents and descents). Experience the authenticity of drinking clean and clear water straight from a spring and learn about the secrets of this land through water stories.

51_Velika planina_Alenka Hribar


Velika Planina sports the highest lying shepherds’ settlement which is still active today. It can be accessed by various means of transport. The most popular and most sustainable are the cable car running from the Kamniška Bistrica Valley and the chairlift. The locals and families like to depart from a payable parking lot, Rakove Ravni (accessible through the Volovjek mountain pass), while experienced hikers prefer to set out from Stahovica and walk past the St. Primus and Felician church above Kamnik, yet another popular destination for visitors. Learn more about Velika Planina over the course of a 2-hour loop trail called “In the Footsteps of Shepherds,” where you will be greeted by 11 informative placards and interesting sights.

Kneippova bosonoga pot


Kneipp’s Barefoot Trail lies in the vicinity of Snovik Thermal Spa in Tuhinj Valley. In 2018 it was declared the best thematic trail of 2018 by the Slovenian Tourist Board. A little more than 3 kilometers long, it stretches across meadows, sand, forest and other natural materials, while featuring twelve pieces of outdoor workout equipment. It is recommended that you take the trail with a Kneipp therapist, who will introduce you to the beauty of performing Kneipp exercises, such as “stork’s gait” or “hand bath,” in a natural environment. If you are not used to walking barefoot, you can try out a shorter trail next to the apartment complex called “On the Edge of the Forest.”

Tocka pri Klemensku 9


When visiting Solčava, you will inevitable stop along the Solčava panoramic road. This 37-kilometer beauty begs to be seen in all its glory. It can be traversed on foot and bike, but if you don’t have the time or aren’t at the top of your form, you can explore it by car or motorcycle. You will learn about the natural and cultural heritage of the area along a total of 20 stops, while being pampered by breathtaking views and hospitable mountain farms.

Logarska dolina


Logar Valley Trail was named the best thematic trail of 2021. At 7 kilometers long, this natural-ethnographic trail meanders through one of our most beautiful Alpine valleys, past farms and meadows, through forests, all the way to the Rinka Waterfall. Along the way you can uncover the stories of the Logar Valley Landscape Park, explore its natural sights, such as Črna Spring and rock boulders and admire how the locals live at one with their natural environment. This easy one-way trail is partially handicap accessible.

Češka koča


Czech Lodge lies at the base of the northern wall of Grintovec, the highest peak in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, just above the Ravenska Kočna Valley in Jezersko. A popular hiking destination and a central mountain post in this area, the lodge is accessible from many directions but the most popular with hikers is the one departing from the Ravenska Kočna Valley. This trail is marked as easy but will challenge you with ladders and steel cables in the steeper upper section. For some, Czech Lodge is an end destination, for others it is a point of departure for the mountains above. You will be in good hands as the lodge is equipped with a cargo cable car, heliport, water tank and even a cleaning plant.

dolina ravenske kočne


Ravenska Kočna Thematic Path is an 8-kilometer trail that runs along Jezernica Stream, starting and ending by Lake Planšar. Marked as easy, the trail is considered one of the most beautiful walking paths in Jezersko. Along the route you can learn about the origins of the valley, its flora and fauna and other sights. The unpaved road, known primarily for its majestic views over the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, will take approximately 3 hours to traverse. Catch your breath at any of the larch benches along the way. To spend the night in the Ravenska Kočna Valley, visit the Ancel farm in the vicinity of the Jezernica Spring.



One of the most visited and popular hiking destinations in Preddvor is St. Jacob Church, which is located next to a mountain lodge managed by the Preddvor Mountaineering Club. A terrific view of Triglav when weather permits, delicious sweets and a special Jacob beer are just a few reasons you should visit. This relatively easy ascent, which begins in a parking lot in front of Turn Castle, will take less than 2 hours. For some hikers, this is just a rest stop on route to higher peaks. Potoška Mountain further up is a popular take-off point for paragliders.

Jezero Črnava


“The Secret of the Preddvor Storks Thematic Trail” is a must-see for all families who visit Lake Črnava in Preddvor. The trail starts in the vicinity of the local school. Before setting out, stop at the Info Spot to get the thematic cards containing puzzles and stamps for the road. Along the route, the Preddvor animals challenge children with different tasks of varying levels, which they are eager to complete on their own, with some encouragement from their parents. Categorized as easy, this hiking trail, which is 1 to 1.5 kilometers long depending on the level of difficulty you choose, is suitable for all generations. Appropriate hiking footwear and caution are recommended.



Raduha mountain range lies the eastern part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and can be accessed via various marked trails starting in Luče. Popular among hikers, Velika Raduha Mountain is, at 2062 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the range. Its steep rocky slopes on the northern side give a mighty impression. Mountaineers tend to gravitate towards flatter terrain on its southeastern side, which offers lush Alpine meadows and wonderful views from the summit. From June to September, you can recharge your batteries at Loka Lodge under Raduha, where you can also stay the night.

Pešpot okrog Luč


Luče abounds with walking opportunities. A trail to Igla, a lonely cliff which is protected as a natural monument and is located along the regional road between Luče and Solčava, is one of the most popular in the area. It starts by the main road outside of Luče and climbs up a relatively easy path to Pečovnik farm before descending to the flat terrain along the Savinja River. After crossing a suspension bridge over the river and the regional road, you will arrive at Igla, which you can walk around before heading back to where you started.

Štefanja gora


St. Štefan Church is a popular hiking spot above Cerklje na Gorenjskem. There are beautiful views of Gorenjska in several places on the way to the top.



The fairytale-adventure path takes you through the forests and vast pastures of Krvavec and feeds you with breathtaking views. Go hunting for pearls of buckwheat girls, visit the Goblins garden, experience life in the Shepherd's shack and hear the Mountain of sounds!