Stage 9

Luče–Podveža–Rep waterfall–Podvolovljek

Starting point: Luče (46.356413, 14.743139)
Finish: Podvolovljek (46.302045, 14.693477)

Distance: 11,1 km
Walking time: 4 h
Ascent: 452 m
Descent: 315 m

At the drinking fountain in front of TIC Luče, we stock up on water for our thirst later on, although after a few minutes of walking, we can also taste the water from the Jakov izvir spring. We follow the forest path to the Juvanova pustota, and further along the road and bicycle path, which takes us past the farms in Podveža to Podvolovljek. We head right along the valley road towards the course of the Lučnica river.

We are tempted by the walks to the Žvepleni izvir spring, the Cuc waterfall and springs as well as other attractions in the Lučka bela valley, but we will keep them in mind for some other special day.

We can take a walk to the Rep waterfall and Žagerski mill and follow the road past the Church of St. Anthony the Hermit to the inn or to our accommodation.