KSA Transport

Any valley in the Kamnik - Savinja Alps or the starting points for mountain tours will be accessible in the summer months to everyone who wants to spend some time in our beautiful mountains.

Access to Logarska dolina, Jezersko, Krvavec, Preddvor, Podvolovljek, Kamniška Bistrica will not present any problems. In the morning, the transport will take you in one direction, and in the afternoon, you will return in the opposite direction to the starting destination. Passengers will be able to access the transport at the following stations (in the morning there will be one-way travel and in the afternoon in the other): Kamnik - bus station, Apno, Gondola Krvavec, Cerklje center, Preddvor jezero, Jezersko - bus station near the Municipality, Jezersko - bus station near the lake, Logarska dolina Plesnik, Solčava - Center Rinka, Luče - bus station, Podvolovljek - Sv. Anton, Kranjski Rak, Kamniška Bistrica - Kamnik - bus station. The transport will be organized from 24.6.2023 to 3.9.2023, twice a day. The price of transportation varies between 4 and 9 euros. Seat reservations are possible one day before departure until 4 p.m. at the local TIC point or by calling 040/890 105. The hours of transport will be adapted to the need or passenger demand. Use a more friendly transport option and take your friends, family or acquaintances through the beautiful landscape of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps with organized transport.