Stage 5

Jezersko–Muri’s spring–Solčava panoramic road

Starting point: Zgornje Jezersko (46.393436, 14.499685)
Finish: Solčava scenic road (Perk farm) (46.415352, 14.601610)

Distance: 22 km
Walking time: 7 h
Ascent: 1.014 m
Descent: 674 m

In Jezersko, water is in its name (jezero = lake), in the snow, streams, lake and the stories that we get to hear along the trails. We head in the opposite direction of the Jezernica stream. We can take a peek at Planšarsko jezero lake then head towards the trough with Jezersko mineral water, but of course not without at least one sip of this exceptional mineral water.

From Ank's farm, we climb to Jezerski vrh and over it to the springs; a trough with water from Štajner's spring awaits us by the roadside, and nine serpentines lower is Muri's mineral water spring. As we climb above Belska Kočna, the mountain range caresses the view and the clear water of the Virnik spring quenches the thirst. On the Slovenian side of Pavličevo sedlo saddle, we descend to one of the farms along the Solčava panoramic road.